Huize Hulshorst - garden

The garden at the house is large, approximately 7,000 m2. There is a large lawn and around it are many different trees that shield the house from 'outside'. In the garden there is a stream to a pond where we sometimes swim, a canopy and outdoor oven and lots to play for children.


There is a Weltevree outdoor fireplace where you can make the most delicious pizza or BBQ. It stands behind the house next to the canopy and gives off a lot of heat when it is a bit cooler in the evening.


There is a built-in trampoline in the garden and a large playground. There is a balance bike, tricycle, flight step, two children's bicycles (22 and 24 inch). There is also a sprinkler, inflatable pool and water toys. More than enough to stay home all day if you feel like it!

Please note: there is a stream and swimming pond in the garden, so be careful with small children!


At the beginning of 2021, we had a real ecological swimming pond constructed. The swimming area is approximately 18x8m and 1.5m deep. There is also a shallow plant area, which (in combination with skimmers) keeps the water pure. You can enter it with the stairs on the riser next to the house. The pond is new and the water should remain crystal clear. Because it is new and unfortunately we have not been in the Netherlands that often ourselves, we would like to hear your experiences with the swimming pool! Afterwards you can shower outside. There is a warm outdoor shower at the back door next to the bathroom. There is an inflatable boat and more inflatable 'stuff' to use in the water.

nb. there is no good picture of the swimming pond yet! the photo is still of the old pond.


There is a wide variety of flowers and plants in the garden. We are still developing our green fingers and the gardener is helping us with that. If you like it, you can also participate. Picking apples / pears / figs, pruning roses, weeding, mowing grass on the riding lawn mower or picking herbs for tea. Certainly not necessary, but allowed.